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Dr. Charlotte Russell Johnson is a writer, motivational speaker, pastor, and Christian evangelist. A community servant, she has had an active prison ministry for numerous years. The author's work has encompassed helping inmates, victims of AIDS, teenage mothers, and substance abusers. She has a B.S. in Health Science from Columbus State University where she graduated Phi Kappa Phi and magna cum laude. She received her Master's Degree from Troy State University in Community Psychology in Counseling. Dr. Johnson holds an earned doctorate in Biblical Counseling. She matriculated at both Christian and secular accredited universities. With more than 7 years of post-graduate studies, she attended Beacon College, Southern Christian University, Beacon College and Seminary, Andersonville Seminary, and Beacon University. However, she states her GED remains her proudest degree.


Revealing God's Glory Ministries

Revealing God’s Glory Ministries, Inc. was birthed out of a need to reach the lost and unchurched. Dr. Charlotte Russell Johnson was given the vision for this ministry after witnessing the thirst that many people had for a relationship with God. However, the obstacle or challenge that got in the way of some was their perception of organized religion. This ministry was conceived out of the need for a generation of potential believers who need more relationship rather than religious piety. Therefore, NOT CHURCH AS USUAL became the “battle-cry” for Revealing God’s Glory Ministries.

Dr. Johnson’s long history with The Church of God in Christ and her vast educational and work experience have prepared her for this moment. For many years, God had also been equipping her family with knowledge and experience that would be essential to the ministry. The vision for the ministry was immediately shared with Pastor Esther Mitchell. This anointed preacher and friend offered support and God’s approval for this ministry could be seen from that moment. Dr. Johnson had previously assisted with the birth and infancy of other ministries. She had prepared all the necessary documents for the infancy of this ministry. All of these factors were considered to be a part of the decision process of planting this ministry. However, Dr. Johnson recognized the need to establish the church on a firm foundation of prayer. After much prayer and supplication the vision for Revealing God’s Glory Ministries was clarified and God’s handprint could be seen through all the events that had taken place. It is clear that without the help of God and these gracious people of God none of this would have been possible. God’s favor and divine providential will could be seen from the inception of the ministry. God had assured Dr. Johnson that provision for the ministry had already been made.

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